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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recycle Bins

I have been searching the net for recycle bins.  I would prefer not to spend too much money, yet I want a set of recycle bins that will last a long time.  Finding these two qualities in the same bin has been a difficult search.

I went to IKEA yesterday and found the perfect recycle bins for $9.99 each... small, black, with handles. 

Now, I need to go to the recycling center and take photos of the various recyclables to adhere to the outside of each bin.  I want to make sure that my whole family can easily place the items to be recycled in the correct bin without my assistance... yeah, right!  I'll let you know how that goes.

Anyways, I bought a few other items to organize various others areas in the house.  I will let you know how that  goes when I get to that step.

Other Options...

(**based on product descriptions, price, and reviews**)

1.  3 opening stackable recycle bin: $80... slim line and stackable, beige color, removable drawers, foot pedal to open lowest drawer

2. set of 4 recycling bags: $30... each bag is a different color for sorting recyclables, convenient handles and strong construction, makes taking materials to the recycling center a breeze

3.  plastic, stackable recycling bins: $20 per bin... extra $2 charge for less than 3 bins in same color purchased,  7 gallon capacity, stackable, saves space, can purchase in a variety of colors for easy sorting

4.  set of 3 recycling bags: $14.95... made of polypropylene, connect together with a velcro tab on each side for the bag for stability, comes in 3 different colors for easy sorting

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