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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Natural Ways to Soothe Tired Eyes

Natural Ways to Soothe Tired Eyes:

1.  Slice cucumbers and place on your closed eye lids.  Do this until the cucumber cools.

2.  Tea bags are a great way to soothe your eyes.  Steep the tea bags for about 5 minutes.  Place the tea bags into cold water.  Then, place on your closed eye lids and enjoy.

*Consider green tea for its anti-inflammatory properties or chamomile for soothing

3.  Put a drop of lavender oil in some water.  Place two cotton balls in the water.  Squeeze out excess water.  Place teh cotton balls on your closed eye lids.

4.  Place two spoons in the freezer.  Allow the spoons to get cold (not frozen).  Place the spoons on your tired eyes.

Recipe for Home Made Eye Gel

**Remember I have not tried all of these remedies.  All treatments have been found from Internet searches.  Click on the numeral before the treatment to go directly to the site.**

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