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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More of Fall 2009

Due to the many viruses that keep attacking our computer I have not posted pictures in FOREVER.  I decided to post them scrapbook style.  I am just going to post photos with a brief description under the section for that "event". 

Enjoy.  I know we did!

In the fall, we went on a Cub Scout camping trip.  The boys loved playing medieval nights with their den friends.

We took a fall trip to Sweetberry Farms.  It was so much fun.  We took pictures in the pumpkin patch, wondered through a maze, and bought a big, fat pumpkin to boot!

Every year we take pictures with our pumpkin.  This year was no exception.  I must admit though that this years pictures have alot more personality than in the years past.  Another difference this year was the fact that boys chose the design and drew it all by themselves and T Man got to do most of the carving.  I think our pumpkin was perfect!

I'm thinking I took this photo just cause JJ looks so darn cute.  Just can't help myself sometimes.

JJ turned four in November.  He had so much fun at his first "fancy" b-day party.  He loved bowling.  You should have seen his dance everytime he hit a pin.  That little guy has got some moves.

Of course T couldn't wait to get his picture taken as well.  he is such a ham.  I thin he takes after his Uncle Craig.

The boys with Granma... G's mom.

The boys with Grams... my mom.

And still more to come...

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