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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Got Staph?

So, here are the latest escapades in the Sanders’ house. We have had staph. Actually, little J had a staph infection covering his entire face and running down his chest. He woke up the other morning with one side of his face swollen and bright red, puffy cheeks. The swollen side felt feverish to the touch. Well, at the doctor’s he was diagnosised with a staph infection and prescribed a sulfur based antibiotic. It has helped a lot. Hopefully, we are headed for a full recovery.

Since we have no idea of how he got staph. I have done some research. Thought I’d share so that maybe one less person will encounter this scary infection.

Staph Infection... Precautions:

*Note* Staph is usually contracted person to person (touching someone who has the infection), but can be contracted from touching tainted surfaces as well.

1. Keep your hand clean.  Use soap and water. Rub vigorously for at least 15 seconds.

2.  Keep cuts and scrapes clean. Put band aids on all cuts that have not healed yet.

3.  Do not come in contact with other people’s “boo-boo”s.

4.  Do not share towels or razors (any personal item that can carry the bacteria).

5.  Keep surface areas clean including door knobs, toilet handles, and phones.

6.  Use Lysol, or PineSol or diluted beach to clean the surfaces and check the lables to see how long the product needs to “sit” to be effective.

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