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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Back to Basics

Since school has started the boys are not allowed to play Wii, computer, etc during the week.  On weekends, they can to a limited degree. 

The lack of technology has led to more basic playing.  T and Daddy have been playing chess almost daily. T has even begun to beat "the master" (as he is called in our house) several times.  While playing chess, T is learning strategies and problem solving all at the same time.

Card games are beginning to resurface as well.  Little J and I played Crazy Eight for over an hour the other night.  He set up his favorite animal to watch and learn.  Just by playing Crazy Eight J was learning his colors, shape matching, and the numerals 1-9.  We really enjoyed this time together.

With less technology to entertain the dynamic duo, imaginative play is starting up again too.  For several nights, houses, forts and animal hospitals were built.  Through imaginative play, the boys are interacting for hours with little bickering and alot of engagement.  I absolutely love to listen in on their conversations as they try to negotiate the construction of each structure.

We are an indoor family most of the time due to the little one not being able to tolerate the heat.  Texas is extremely HOT at this time of the year.  While I have been weening technology with tons of "No TV Time", the boys have begun to experiment with ways to get J outside and keep him cool.  Their inventiveness has lead to several activities:
  • water gun fights
  • the hose to wet J down from head to toe...  somehow T Man gets wet too (wink)
  • garage time with the door open... doing things that we normally would have done inside... play-doh, sand, bubbles, etc. 
  • elaborate pictures on the driveway with chalk on cloudy days
  • hunting for natural beauties in the backyard... feathers, bug skins, veggies in our garden, etc.
  • bike and scooter rides with friends... I think this is the first time I have really seen T enjoy being outdoors.  He has even been sweating (gasp) without complaining.  I realize for most families this is not a notable accomplishment, but for a family that has someone that truly has a medical reason to not overheat this is phenomenal.
This little step of limiting the boys technology use to weekends has had such a wonderful impact on the family.  Eventually, I would like to extend NO TV TIME until 7 PM every day.  But that is another obstacle all together.

How do you limit technology in your home?  What are the biggest obstacles you face as a family?

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