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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brook's Chocolate Triffle

Head on over to Skip to my Lou to get directions for this super easy, yet very yummalicious desert. I think this is something even I can't mess up. I would have to get a nice glass container like the one in the photo. Oh, darn.... Looks like I might be Target bound.

Photo from Skip to my Lou

While getting directions for this great picnic/ backyard barbecue desert, stay awhile and check out the blog. I know you will LOVE it as much as I do. Happy Baking!

  • 1 Cake Mix
  • 1 large box chocolate pudding (plus 2 cups milk,divided)
  • 2 containers of  frozen whipped topping (thawed)
  • 6 Heath candy bars, crushed

Bake cake according to package directions, cool and cut into squares.

Layer chocolate cake, pudding (1/2 of the box mixed with 1 cup milk, allowing to thicken slightly so it can still be poured), 1 container whipped topping, then  1/2 the crushed Heath candy bars  into a triffle bowl. Repeat with chocolate cake.

Next mix the other 1/2  of pudding with 1 cup milk, mixing well and allowing to thicken slightly (so it can still be poured).

Add another layer of whipped topping.

Top with the remaining 1/2 of crushed Heath candy bars.

Eat til your heart's content.

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