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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Austin Nature Center

Sometimes the best trips cost very little money... in this case free. Austin Nature center is home to a multitude of rescued animals. They provide guided tours and a small one-on-one discussion with the tour guide for schools and daycare centers.
You walk around and view the animals at your leisure. You can also dig for dinosaur bones as well. After eating your picnic lunch on the grounds, you meet up with the tour guide for the remainder of your visit.
First grade has been studying pond life, so of course we got the grand pond tour.
This a picture of the waterway that led up to the pond itself.
The children got to scoop various items and wildlife out of the pond for further examination in the classroom. Mr. T had a blast! I was amazed that with 21 seven-year-olds running around on slipper rocks not even one fell in the water.
Here is T posing on a lilly pad shaped rock in the center of the waterway. He is getting so big (sigh). Kids grow up way too fast...
In the classroom, the tour guide leads a discussion on various pond animals and actually shows several to the children. The children have the opportunity to look at pond life up close and personal. Some of the animals can even be touched by the braver in the class.
This was the perfect field trip. the kids had fun, learned a bit more about pond animals, and shared some time outside of the classroom. I might just take the boys back this summer. My little snowflake would love it!

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