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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventures in Sewing

I got the book The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, owner of the soule mama blog. This woman is amazing.

One of the projects I wanted to create before summer begins was the night time routine bag. I am going to use it a little differently as our nighttime routines run smoothly , but we tend to vegg alot during the day. Each of my boys will have a daytime activity bag.

The boys will choose one book and one activity to place in the bag each night that we are dedicated to the next day. I think I am going to make cards for them to put in the bag for the chosen activity. My thoughts are to have more drawing cards than say some sort of outing. I will post more as I finalize my thoughts.

Back to the sewing. I decided if I was going to take on this task I would do it to the best of my ability. So here is how it has played out thus far.

Steps to Sewing My First Bag:

1. I enlisted the help of my mom. Since I was borrowing her sewing machine it only seemed right to figure out how to to use it first.

2. I helped to cut out the fabric. This part was easy.

3. After my mom demonstrated sewing the seams, I got my turn . At first, I went so slow. I was afraid. Of what? I'm not sure exactly, but I was still afraid. I soon learned however that most flaws can only be seen by a really good seamstress.

4. Then, I cut and sewed the seams on the lining.

5. Next, I laid the 2 fabrics facing each other and sewed them together. I left a tiny opening, so that I could flip the fabric right side out before closing of the fabric completely.

6. Being that I had never sewn before, I had my mom stitch the opening closed. I didn't really like that I could see the stitching, so I folded down about 1 and 1/2 inches and sewed an inside seam. It made the edge have a nice smooth finish.

7. I am a pocket person. Of course, this bag needed a pocket. I cut and sewed the seams. Then, I slid the bottom layer of fabric under the machine (like when you iron a shirt). This allowed me to sew the pocket in place with ease.

8. I cut material in the same red fabric that I used for the pocket to make the handles. I folded the material over 4 times and pinned it. I still need to sew the handles onto the bag, but I just have to find the time.

*I ran out of thread the day I was making the bag.

Well, here is the final piece. It still needs the handles attached and to be ironed. BUT... not so bad for a first try.

If I can sew, anyone can. Next, those darn napkins I keep mentioning.

Happy Sewing!

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